Meet Michael Jacobus

Executive Trainer &  Keynote Speaker

Michael Jacobus is an internationally recognized author, child-development specialist and camp professional. He has an extensive background in youth- serving nonprofits, staff training, operations, administration and outdoor education.

In the summer of 2018, Michael created the world's first clinical summer camp program for teens and adolescents suffering from unhealthy screen-time and social-media overuse habits and gaming addiction.

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Audience Testimonials

What People Are Saying

My son is just a different kid this year at school vs. last year and I know SO much has to do with camp last summer!  He really was able to conquer something and see it through, and he gained SO much confidence from that!  Camp was just so much more than "screen detox"

Avery Smith

Not only are you helping these young people foster their imaginations and see there's so much more in the world to offer them. But you're also helping them reconnect with their families. Thank you!

Skyler Adelson

Thx to you, my ex gamer is a happy healthy proactive young man now. Gaming is history to us.

Kris Michaels