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Michael Jacobus is a nationally recognized child-development professional and staff trainer.  He has an extensive background in youth-serving nonprofits, staff training, operations, administration and outdoor education. Michael has worked with private, public and non-profit groups including; the American Camp Association (ACA), Disney, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), National Geographic, the Red Cross, Global Camps Africa, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Nature Partners, Green Camps Initiative, the National Science Teachers Association and is a frequent presenter at camp conferences and retreats.

He has been honored with the national award for Excellence in Sustainability Education from the BSA and has been recognized for Program Excellence and Excellence in Standards by the ACA.

Michael is an Eagle Scout who has drawn from a diverse background of experiences to become a dynamic industry leader.  He has spent time as a ship captain on Lake Tahoe, a radio personality, pastor, magazine publisher, food broker & chemist. He’s owned a screen-print & embroidery shop, designed two disc golf courses and taught drama, improv theatre and stagecraft at the elementary and university level. When he finds the time, he occasionally performs as an opera singer, (Tenor / Baritone), most recently singing at Christmastime as a member of the Disneyland Candlelight Choir. 

Unlike other coaches and trainers, I have actually


of the positions I train.

I know what it's like to be the volunteer, part of the support staff, a mid-level manager and the Executive Director.

In short

Been There ~ Done That!