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Michael Jacobus

Summer Camp Professional and Author

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I have worked with Happy Campers my entire life as a traditional summer camp director. Then in 2018 when every kid in the world seemed to be addicted to the popular online game Fortnite and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Gaming Disorder an actual diagnosable condition, I decided it was time to combine my love for the transformative power of summer camp with a digital detox and life skills program for teens, Reset Summer Camp was born.


This book chronicles my observational journey working with these anxious, depressed and angry kids . . . and what parents can do about it.


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Latest Children's Book


Robbie is super excited to have his first summer camp experience, right up until the day to go. He gets cold feet, hides behind his mom and says; "I Don't Wanna Go!"

The Camp Director convinces him to give it a try. Reluctantly he goes and has a wonderful adventure. He tries new activities and makes new friends and when the time comes to get on the van and head home, he repeats; "I Don't Wanna Go!".

This book is for kids aged 4 - 12 and for their parents to read to them.

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Other Titles


The Camp Director's Survival Guide

The Camp Director's Survival Guide is a compilation of the most popular educational training sessions Michael Jacobus has conducted over the past 20 years. His experience includes program, administration, operations, and development for nonprofits, church groups, for-profits, and private camps in over a dozen states and across two continents.


Be it day camp, residential camp, or year-round programs, he's been there. His lifelong commitment is to childhood development with a strong focus on integrity, values, and tradition. This commitment has created in him a unique dedication to providing the highest and most in-depth programs to maximize staff performance while achieving the camp's overall mission.


Insights and Inspirations

A Collection of stories from Camp Counselors and Staff from many years of running summer and youth camps.. This book is my tribute to the unsung heroes of the camp community, who make a difference in the lives of our children ... EVERY DAY!

Summer Camp, experiences, camp counselor, shared experiences, overnight camp, scouts, youth camps campers youth development staff development program development, outdoors outdoor programming.

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Since camp our son completely regulates himself in a very acceptable way, we dont have to scold or remind. He had said he appreciates us many times out of the blue since coming back from camp, I had never heard those words from him before. I believe it was you your program and your amazing staff that deserve credit for this. I know if i had sent him to a traditional camp for 4 weeks he would not have come home the way he did from your program.

Melissa Olejniczak


Reset Summer Camp had been on my list for a few months and I am so happy that I sent my son there. From the initial call with the therapist to determine whether it was a fit, to the final family weekend, where we got to see our son in action, Reset Summer Camp exceeded our expectations. This is not only about digitial detox, it is life skills. Michael, and his unique and carefully chosen team (of therapists and counselors) have an excellent program.

Shelly Garcia

This was a PERFECT fit for our son. Not only did he have a ton of fun that he forgot to write home most of the month, but he learned to do laundry, cook several tasty meals, how to regulate behavior in difficult situations (all the campers did, because there were a myriad of personalities attending, including girls - lol). At the end of camp he was s different kid.

Leslie Morris



Leadership Development

Be it personal, one-on-one executive coaching or creating a customized plan for your admin team, I can design the right training to meet your goals!


Keynotes & Educational Sessions

Over a dozen of my most requested educational topics for new Staff, Program Supervisors and seasoned Owners and Directors.



Tell me what you need!
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About Michael Jacobus

Michael Jacobus is an internationally recognized author, child-development specialist and camp professional. He has an extensive background in youth- serving nonprofits, staff training, operations, administration and outdoor education.

Michael has been a Camp Director of over 40 years.


In the summer of 2018, Michael started the world's first clinical summer camp program for teens and adolescents suffering from unhealthy screen-time and social media overuse habits and gaming addiction; Reset Summer Camp for Digital Detox & Life Skills.

The Life Skills App was created shortly thereafter and provides teens and their families with daily reminders and suggestions to help them live their best lives.

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Our Digital Detox
& Life Skills Program
The Life Skills App
for teens and their families
The Online Course
for Parents

What I do when I'm not working with kids and their families.

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